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Not Sure What Treatment Is Right For You? No Problem - That's What We're Here For!

Scarlet SRF

Scarlet SRF is a cutting-edge combination of micro-needling and radio frequency technology. This revolutionary service offers a multitude of benefits to enhance your skin's beauty:

• Treats active acne and acne scars
• Rebuilds lost collagen
• Improves rosacea
• Lifts, firms, and tightens the skin
• Shrinks pores
• Reduces the appearance of spider veins
• Treats sun-damaged skin and scars
• Softens fine lines

Jade & Rory is the ONLY spa in Western PA that is providing this service.

Jade and Rory Mens Botox and Dermal Fillers

Botox Injections And Dermal Filler

Botox* is our most popular treatment. It safely and effectively reduces the look of lines and wrinkles such as forehead lines, "11's" and crow's feet by temporarily relaxing your facial muscles.

Dermal Filler (Juvederm, Revanesse) are injectable hyaluronic acids in a gel form. They are specially formulated to be injected under the skin to help smooth wrinkles caused by a loss in volume, or to help shape other desired areas of the face.

Lip Enhancements: Fillers, Lip Flips, and Threads

Lip Enhancements are one of our favorites! We use fillers, smooth PDO threads, and also offer the famous "lip flip" using Botox* to help plump and define your lips. We can give you a subtle, natural looking fullness for a beautiful, symmetric smile.

Jade and Rory Medical Spa Lip Enhancements
Jade and Rory Med Spa IV and Injection Therapy

IV & Injection Therapy

IV and Injection Therapy is the quickest and most effective way to give your body the nutrients it needs. By bypassing the digestive system, your body is able to absorb and use the nutrients in their most potent form.

  • Hydration

  • Improved Energy and Metabolism

  • Immunity

  • Pain Relief

  • Stress Relief

  • Cognition

PDO Threads

We offer both smoothing and lifting PDO threads. Smooth threads are often used in combination with Botox and fillers to help smooth stubborn wrinkles. Lifting threads are a non-surgical option to help lift mild to moderate sagging skin.

Jade and Rory Medical Spa, PDO Threads
Zo Medical Grade Skin Care and Skin Services

ZO Medical Grade Skin Care and Skin Services

ZO Skin Science uses patented ZO technology and ZO ingredients to help you achieve beautiful, healthy skin. The products are specially formulated to help CHANGE your skin cells and restore them for a youthful and natural look.

We offer standard, “feel good” facials as well as clinical facials to address specific needs and concerns such as redness, acne, wrinkles, discoloration, uneven texture/tone, rosacea, melasma, scarring, and more.

ZO Skin Care

ZO Skin Care is medical grade skin care that is only available through a medical professional and has been recognized by top brands such as: Allure, WWD, The New York Times, The Oprah Magazine, Shape, Good Morning America, E online, Vogue, Good Housekeeping, Refinery 29, and People Magazine.

We have extensive and ongoing training on the use of these products and these are the ONLY products we use when giving facials and skin treatments.

Weight Loss Services

Jade & Rory Med Spa is now offering medically assisted weight loss options!


Schedule a consultation for more information and to find out the best option for you!

Jade and Rory, Med Spa Weight Loss Services

Reach Your Beauty Goals In 3 Simple Steps

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1-on-1 Consultation

We’ll have a 1-on-1 consultation to go over your beauty goals and our recommended treatments.

Establish A Plan

We will work together to establish a personalized plan with appropriate follow ups to ensure that you continue to feel confident.

Kind Words From Our Clients

“Thank you Jade & Rory! I got dermaplaning and a facial yesterday and when I woke up today my face was glowing! It's such a beautiful peaceful place and I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. Thank you Christina and Mallory, I can't wait to be back and if you need a day at the spa I highly suggest this establishment.”

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